We can help with the highest quality Remanufactured Transmissions and Transfer Cases available; both are built to the same demanding specifications. We offer industry-leading warranties on all of our remanufactured assemblies.

What’s Included with a Remanufactured Transmission?

  • Transmission with Torque Converter.

  • High grade synthetic fluid.

  • Install and programing instructions.

  • Plastic tote to return your core in.

  • 3 Year / 100,000 mile warranty!!!

Additional Information:

  • Each remanufactured transmission conforms to OEM standards, methodologies, and automotive engineering updates.

  • Transmission parts are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, measured and strictly monitored for precise tolerances and specifications.

  • Each transmission is built by an ASE-Certified technician that has completed a rigorous training program and specializes in a specific transmission type.

  • Every transmission includes a remanufactured torque converter that was balanced and tested with the transmission.

  • Upon final assembly, every remanufactured transmission and torque converter is pre-tested with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing.


What is the DIFFERENCE between Rebuilt and Remanufactured?

With Rebuilt, only the parts that are broken or worn out are replaced. Our remanufactured unit is completely disassembled and cleaned. All wearing parts are replaced. All non-wearing hard parts are checked to make sure they still meet original equipment (OE) specification. If not they are replaced too. Most small transmission rebuilders don’t have the necessary equipment to test a transmission prior to installing it in your vehicle. All of our transmissions have been tested on two different dynamometers that were run by two different technicians.Your warranty is usually only good at the shop that rebuilt the transmission for you. Industry standard is a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Our warranty is good at any shop in the Continental United States. If you run into a problem with one of our units simply get your vehicle to the nearest shop and we will work directly with that shop to get you taken care of and back on the road.