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Engine and Transmission Replacement

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Recycled Assemblies

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Remanufactured Engines

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Remanufactured Transmissions

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Engine and Transmission Replacement

Have you been told that you need to have your Engine replaced or your Transmission Rebuilt?

Let Tearaparts and their network of trusted shops give you a second opinion.  We may be able to save you some money and get you a better warranty on your repair.


Here's how it works:

Give us a call with the YEAR, MAKE, MODEL and VIN # of your vehicle; or fill out the form below. 

Be sure to provide as much information about the vehicle as possible, such as:

  1. The miles on the vehicle
  2. The address of the vehicle's current location
  3. What repairs were recommended to you

It also helps us if we know your plans for the vehicle-- are you planning on keeping the vehicle for a while or do you just need to get it running so you can sell or trade it?

We will in turn take this information and prepare for you several options.  These options may include a remanufactured or used engine or transmission.  We will include all of the important information about each option to help you make an informed decision, such as:

  1. The length of the warranty period.
  2. The estimated number of miles on the used parts, if applicable.
  3. The estimated amount of time the repairs are expected to take.

We also break down the quote so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Please provide the following information to start the process.
Contact Information
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Vehicle Information
Details about the vehicle so we can help you better:
The more information that you provide, the faster the process of getting you back on the road!

We'll only use your information to help you save money on your Engine or Transmission replacement.

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Recycled Assemblies

Recycled Engines and Transmissions ready for immediate shipment!

Can’t afford a New or Remanufactured unit?  Or maybe you like the idea of going green by using a recycled unit?

A factory assembled, installed and road tested low mileage used engine or transmission is the best value in the market place.

We have a huge selection of Recycled pull-out Engines, Transmissions, Transfer Cases and Axle Assemblies.

Not only do we stock hundreds of used units, but we also have a network of trusted automotive recyclers that we trust so much we guarantee their parts too!!!!

6 Month Warranty on all used units and 1 year, 2year, and Lifetime Warranties are available as well!!!!

Engines include:

  • Cylinder Block with crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Oil Pan

Transmissions include:

  • Transmission
  • Torque Converter
  • Valve Body
  • Oil Pan

Engines typically do not include the following:  (Most of these you will simply swap from your original engine.  Occasionally a wiring harness or manifold will be left on for convenience but are not guaranteed.)

  • Starter
  • A/C Compressor
  • Alternator
  • Throttle Body
  • Wiring Harness
  • Intake or Exhaust Manifolds
  • Oil

Transmissions typically do not include the following:

  • Fluid
  • Filter (on units with serviceable filters)

Engines should have the following parts replace before instillation into your vehicle.

  • Water Pump
  • Thermostat
  • Spark Plugs and Wires
  • Oil pan Gasket
  • Valve cover Gasket
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Oil Filter and Fresh Oil

Transmissions should have the following parts replace before instillation into your vehicle.

  • Filter (on units with serviceable filters)
  • Fluid (use OEM recommended fluid)
  • Transmission Pan Gasket

Root Cause Analysis

What happened to your old engine?  Did it over heat? Why?  Have you fixed that problem?

What happened to your old transmission? Why? Have you fixed that problem?

Failure to resolve issues outside of the main Engine and Transmission assemblies can lead to the premature failure of your replacement parts, costing you more time and money!

Contact us today to see how we can save you time and money on your next repair project!

Remanufactured Engines

Remanufactured Engines ready for immediate shipment!

Our Remanufactured Engines Give You What You Want Most.


Choosing an engine supplier is a crucial element in the success of your business.  You want the confidence that you will receive high-quality engines at a fair price with an excellent warranty from a company that has staying power.  This is the kind of confidence we supply.

As one of the world’s largest engine remanufacturers, our supplier has been remanufacturing engines for the automakers themselves for over 70 years.  Now they are remanufacturing engines for you too.  Because they remanufacture hundreds of engines per day, we are able to offer you a pricing structure that represents true value.


Better Manufacturing Technology Means Better Powertrain Components.

The single factor that separates a great powertrain remanufacturer from a good powertrain remanufacturer is the manufacturing technology.  Our supplier spared no expense in this important area. 

Simply put, if you want to see the newest in high technology equipment, superior engineering expertise and the highest standards in the powertrain remanufacturing industry today, one visit to the facilities where our supplier remanufactures hundreds of reliable powertrain components per day is all it would take.

The quality of our product is visually apparent:  When you see one of our powertrain components for the first time, you’ll understand what we mean.

Key Advantages

A few of the factors that contribute to the superior quality we deliver.

  • Engine air tested
  • Cold run test
  • Computerized air gapping
  • No Welding
  • No Heli-coils
  • Six CNC horizontal machining centers
  • Robotics
  • CNC crankgrinder
  • CNC honing
  • ISO-9002, QS-9000, ISO-14000
  • Six Sigma
  • Two coordinate measuring machines – the latest in deck and cylinder surface finish measuring equipment
  • DC-torqueing of critical fasteners
  • Variable lines – flexible – expandable – quick start up
  • End-of-line spin testing for oil flow, compression and torque

Remanufactured Transmissions

Remanufactured Transmissions Ready for Immediate Shipment!

Remanufactured Transmissions

  • Each remanufactured transmission conforms to OEM standards, methodologies, and automotive engineering updates.
  • Transmission parts are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, measured and strictly monitored for precise tolerances and specifications.
  • Each transmission is built by an ASE-Certified technician that has completed a rigorous training program and specializes in a specific transmission type.
  • Every transmission includes a remanufactured torque converter that was balanced and tested with the transmission.
  • Upon final assembly, every remanufactured transmission and torque converter is pre-tested with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing.

Remanufactured 4X4 Transfer Cases

  • If you’re looking for a transfer case, we’ve got those too. Remanufactured to the same demanding specs as our transmissions.